Initiatives of the Dubai government have helped the export sector develop and grow. Dubai’s foreign trade to reach two trillion dirhams by 2026

The Principal CEO of SAM, Mr. Sami’s interview published in Emarat Al Youm newspaper on September 5, 2022.

Mr. Sami Abu Ahmad said, “Dubai is not only a strategic location, and along with the importance of its location, which connects the continents of Africa and Asia, Dubai is basically an advanced strategic thought that improves the use of the location and other resources with a vision and planning that make it always move forward,” referring to the ability of Dubai International Airport to receive flights, and the position reached by Emirates Airlines, which has become a vital carrier for passengers and goods across Asia and Africa with a large number of weekly flights to different destinations.

He added, “One of the most important sectors that support trade and export is the sector of banks and financial institutions in the UAE. The country has the largest financing companies and the largest banks that appear to be local, but their capabilities are on a global level, and they have liquidity in foreign currencies and offices spread in all locations.” Pointing out that “the country has provided the trade and export sector with economic and social openness, through a large population diversity, where more than 200 nationalities live, which gives it a special status as the commercial capital of the world, able to innovate and deliver goods and services to all consumers around the world.”

Mr. Sami further pointed out that “the re-export sector is one of the most important economic sectors in Dubai, as the emirate is an international center for re-export, with its infrastructure that includes several factors, including smart and electronic government initiatives, and government facilities, all of which are factors that help the sector to thrive, due to its provision of effort. And the cost,” noting that “export companies take advantage of the exhibitions organized by Dubai, which they also participate in, to promote their exports.”

He said that SAM Precious Metals works in the export of gold and silver, and that the most critical aspect of the company’s work is to employ the most important international expertise in the field of gold and silver refining and manufacture, by working with experts specialized in this field, who provide the knowledge and scientific research necessary to drive productivity and provide a high-quality product that bears the logo – Made in the UAE.