About Us

Story Behind
The Name - SAM

SAM Precious Metals is a revolutionary idea born of Mr Sami Abu Ahmad’s unmatched insight and long-term perspective – a result of his 2 decades of experience in the precious metals industry. SAM is a masculine name of a flag, which is a diminutive of the name of Sami and means sword and lofty and high status. The name symbolizes beauty and is the name of trees used in the shipbuilding industry. The origin of the name is Arabic. Sam was the son of Noah, peace be upon him, who was the eldest of his three sons. It also refers to the alloy of gold or silver, and the veins of gold and silver in stone.

Our Vision

To become the customer’s first choice by offering premium services that meet international standards and supplying the best quality value-added products.

Our Mission


Providing superior value proposition for our customers.


Operating in accordance with industry best practices to produce the highest-quality products responsibly.


Providing premium services at an affordable price while following all statutory rules, regulations and market practice guidelines.


To increasing our competitiveness in the international market by adding value-added products.


To connect gold & silver producing and consuming countries by developing 13 branches of refineries, hallmark centers, minting houses for fine gold and silver within the next 10 years, offering value-added products worldwide and establishing important joint ventures with related countries.


Our expertise lies in the details. If you have any questions or need any help please get in touch with our team.