Grievances & Whistleblowing

Grievances and Whistleblowing Policy

Grievances and Complaints Committee

The Committee formed the Department to deal with Grievances, concerns and complaints submitted by the employees, clients, customers, and other affected end user and stakeholders.

A written objection to the business operation resolution issued concerning the employees, clients, customers, and other affected end-user and stakeholders. Which is submitted by him/her to remove the injustice or wrongdoing he/she claims to have been witnessed or inflicted.

The Objectives of the Grievances:

  1. Ensures that materials acquired and services provided are obtained with adherence to human rights, labor, environmental and highest business ethics.
  2. Ensures to achieve justice, employment satisfaction and the stability of the legal status of the employees.
  3. Ensures that business activities meet the international market ethics and standard.
  4. Ensures that business operates in accordance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas and its Supplement on Gold, DMCC Rules for Risk Based Due Diligence in the Gold and Precious Metals Supply Chain and Responsible Jewellery Council.
  5. Maintain the business status in providing the highest standard in operating in the gold and silver industry.

Grounds for the Grievance and Procedure for submission:

  1. Human rights violations; force and child labor, torture, serious abuses, etc.
  2. Contravention of the law, regulations or by-laws
  3. Accounts and financial Manipulation
  4. Fraud, bribery, corruption and solicitation
  5. Falsification of documents
  6. Tolerates law and regulation violators and supporter of non-state armed group and all forms of criminal activities.
  7. Employee misconduct and labor practices.
  8. Health and safety; working conditions.

We encourage all to submit reports along with solid proof of documents and provide as much information as possible for the investigation. Reports may submit to the following email address: [email protected]


Committee will guarantee with the outmost capability of SAM Precious Metals to keep the identity of the concern person confidential with respect to all events. Documents and files, they view and all information that comes from their knowledge will solely be used for the purpose of investigating illegal activities or non-compliance allegations to SAM Precious Metals policies.

The Issuing of Decisions:

The Committee shall issue its reasoned resolutions base on the Grievance and Whistleblowing mechanism and appropriate corrective actions shall made if necessary.

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