SAM becomes an RJC COC Certified Entity

‘Responsible Sourcing’ is a fundamental and highly significant principle for SAM Precious Metals. We ensure that any material, whether recycled or mined products, entering the refinery is from responsible and sustainable sources.

We are happy to announce that recently SAM Precious Metals has become an RJC Chain of Custody (COC) Certified Entity. We are the first refinery in the whole of Middle East to become an RJC Chain of Custody (COC) Certified Entity.

A chain of custody (CoC) is a documented sequence of custody of material as it moves along the supply chain. The RJC’s CoC Standard defines the requirements for creating a CoC of precious metals that are responsibly produced, processed and traded through supply chains, and that are third-party assured at every stage.

The Chain of Custody certification provides a guarantee of the integrity of our products and materials – allowing us to tell the complete story about how they were sourced, traced, and processed, from mine to retail.